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How do you properly end or terminate your lease on a new Honda model? The Atlantic Honda Lease Termination Center is here to help with a list of options, whether on or before the end of your lease termination date. Check out our guide below and pick the option below that works best for you. If you have any additional questions, make sure to contact the Atlantic Honda finance team!

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Option 1 – Return your Leased Honda Vehicle AND Buy or Lease a New Honda Model 

End of Lease Term 

This option allows for drivers of a leased Honda vehicle who aren’t fully satisfied with their decision to return the model at the end of the lease term and begin their search for a more suitable fit. We encourage customers to browse through the Atlantic Honda inventory and contact our sales team with any questions they might have in the search for their next vehicle choice. 

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Option 2 – Trade-In your Leased Honda Vehicle Early 

Before the End of Lease Term 

This option allows for drivers of a leased Honda vehicle to return their model before the end of the lease term. This may be available to certain drivers depending on their behavior with the dealership and the condition of their leased Honda model. A good reputation with the dealership and proper care of the leased vehicle can create positive equity that can balance out the expected drop in resale value that happens over a lease period. In this case, the dealership can purchase back a customer’s leased Honda model and apply the equity towards the purchase or lease of a different model from the dealership’s inventory. 

To inquire about whether or not you qualify for this option, leaseholders are asked to contact the Atlantic Honda team. 

Option 3 – Purchase your Leased Honda Model 

End of Lease Term OR Before the End of Lease Term 

This option allows for drivers of a leased Honda vehicle to end a lease term on their own terms. This also waves any charges for vehicle damage obtained during the lease term and allows the driver to customize/alter their model, an option not available during a lease term.  

Additionally, customers who chose to purchase a vehicle AFTER a completed lease term can often qualify for low financing rates and extended protection plans due to establishing good credit and a positive reputation to the dealership. 

What Do You Need to Complete a Lease? 

To complete the termination/end of a leased Honda vehicle at the Atlantic Honda dealership, drivers will need to present the following items: 

The Vehicle 

The Keys to the Leased Vehicle 

The Owner’s Manual 

Any and All Maintenance Records (For Locations Outside of the Dealership) 

Any and All Receipts for Vehicle Repairs (For Locations Outside of the Dealership) 

A Vehicle Inspection Report 

A Vehicle Return Receipt 

An Odometer Disclosure Statement 

If a driver has any questions regarding the above items, please feel free to contact the Atlantic Honda team for further clarification. 

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For more information on new Honda models, Honda lease terms, and automotive financing, please contact us online, over the phone, or on-site at the Atlantic Honda dealership located in Bay Shore, New York within the Long Island area!

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