How hot does it get inside of my Honda?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, Safety on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at 2:13 pm
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How hot can my Honda get in the summer?

The heat of summer is on, and while it’s nice to be able to enjoy outdoor activities, it’s important to keep in mind how hot your Honda can get when taking the kids or the dogs along for a ride.

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How to keep kids and pets safe in the car

When your car is off and parked, the temperature inside your Honda rises exponentially. That means it only takes a few minutes for your car to increase in temperature to dangerous levels. Even with the windows cracked, it is still incredibly dangerous to leave children or pets inside the car. Most of us have come back after a quick errand to feel how fast the temperature inside increases and becomes incredibly uncomfortable.

When it is about 70 degrees outside, your Honda can reach nearly 90 degrees after just 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, it is likely over 100 degrees inside your vehicle. While you might think it’s a cool enough day to leave the kids or the dogs in the car while you run a few errands, it’s not. It’s better to be safe and just leave the dogs at home and take the kids into the store with you (or leave them at home with a sitter!) rather than running the risk of illness or death if they get heat stroke.

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  1. I’ve stayed in countries with humid temperature before and vehicles of all types can really get melting hot! Better make sure to stay hydrated and get all the parts working efficiently to avoid any breakdown and inconvenience.

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