How to set up Apple CarPlay™ in the 2019 Honda Pilot

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When you purchase a new vehicle, it’s exciting to learn about all the available technologies. But what if you aren’t sure how to use them? Now that the 2019 Honda Pilot offers Apple CarPlay™ compatibility, we wanted to walk through step-by-step instructions for setting it up and using it.

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Getting to know Apple CarPlay and the Honda Pilot

First off, you may be wondering what exactly Apple CarPlay is used for. Essentially, it allows iPhone users to connect their compatible device and control certain phone apps via the Display Audio touch-screen in their vehicle. Capabilities include getting directions, making calls, listening to music, sending and receiving texts, and more. Apple CarPlay is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later and comes on the EX, EX-L, Touring, and Elite trims of the 2019 Honda Pilot.Apple-CarPlay-shown-on-display-screen-in-2019-Honda-Pilot

7 Steps to configure Apple CarPlay in your Honda Pilot

  1. Ensure Apple CarPlay and Siri® are enabled in your iPhone settings.
  2. Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the USB port in the Pilot.
  3. Once connected, your phone should display a prompt to connect to Apple CarPlay. Select Allow.
  4. The first time you connect, the Display Audio touch-screen will require you to choose an enable option. You can choose Always Enable if this is your primary vehicle or Enable Once if this is a rental car or you’re borrowing it from a friend or family member.
  5. When the phone is connected, the touch-screen menu item will change from Smartphone to Apple CarPlay.
  6. Choose Apple CarPlay on the Pilot display screen to begin using your compatible iPhone apps on the touch-screen. (Please note, not every app on your iPhone will display on Apple CarPlay.)
  7. To use voice control via Siri, press and hold the voice control button on your steering wheel until you hear the Siri chime. (A short press will activate the Pilot’s voice control system, rather than Apple CarPlay.)

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If you’d like to learn more about using Apple CarPlay in the 2019 Honda Pilot, refer to your Owner’s Manual for more details. You may also reach out to our team at Atlantic Honda or get in touch with your local Honda dealer.

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