Stay Connected With Your Kids During Long Drives Thanks to Honda CabinWatch™ and Honda CabinTalk™

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side by side vehicle touchscreen displays with the left one showing Honda's CabinWatch feature and the right one showing Honda's CabinTalk feature

How to Use CabinWatch™ and CabinTalk™ In the 2018 Honda Odyssey 

If you own an Odyssey minivan, then you and your family are in good shape. The Odyssey is simply one of your best options for a family hauler that offers some unique amenities designed to make your life and your kids’ lives easier. A couple such features are CabinWatch™ and CabinTalk™, two features that make it easy to communicate with your kids in the backseat and keep a good eye on them while on the road.  

Whether you’ve operated these features before or not, we’ll show you how to use both CabinWatch™ and CabinTalk™ for your 2018 Honda Odyssey, though the instructions presented here may work for other model years as well. Even if you’ve used these features before, there may be a thing or two you didn’t know about, so continue reading. 

How to Zoom In Using Honda CabinWatch™ 

Accessing CabinWatch™ in your Honda Odyssey is super simple. All you need to do is navigate to the home screen on your vehicle’s built-in infotainment display. Then, locate the CabinWatch™ app icon. You may need to press the arrows on the side of the screen to scroll over to a new page to find it. 

Once you’ve pressed the app icon, you’re all set to go. A camera mounted on the ceiling will display a video feed view of your children in the rear seats. This camera is mounted higher up so that even if you have a child in a car seat, you can still get a good view of how they’re doing or what they’re doing. If you need a closer look, you can also zoom in anywhere on the video picture that you’d like simply by double tapping the screen or pinching out with your fingers just as you would on your smartphone. 

How to Turn On or Off the Honda CabinTalk™ Feature 

CabinTalk™ in your Honda is just as easy to access. Again, all you need to do is locate the app icon from the home screen on your in-vehicle display and press it. On the next screen, simply select whether you want to speak through the speakers in the vehicle or the headphones that your kids might be wearing, or both. 

CabinTalk™ can also automatically pause any videos your children might be watching from the vehicle’s Blu-ray player. Moreover, a CabinTalk™ app icon remains displayed on the screen so that you can easily access it from another app, such as the CabinWatch™ app. To turn the feature off, all you need to do is hit the Home or Back buttons. 

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As you can see, learning how to use CabinWatch™ and CabinTalk™ in your 2018 Honda Odyssey is a breeze. For more tips with your Honda, check back to the Atlantic Honda blog. 

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