How to Use the Honda Driver Information Interface

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How to Use the Honda Driver Information Interface with image of the Multi-Information Display in a 2019 Honda Ridgeline

There are a lot of aspects about your vehicle that you need to stay aware of while driving, such as how much fuel you have left, your current speed, if you need an oil change, etc.  That’s where the Driver Information Interface comes in, it displays important information that you should know about your vehicle while driving.  And in Honda models, you can even personalize the display to meet your needs and preferences.  So, here is how to use the Honda Driver Information Interface.

By using the controls on the steering wheel, you can customize what the Driver Information Interface displays in your Honda vehicle.  This way you can keep an eye on the information that you find the most important while you’re driving.  The Driver Information Interface (DII) neatly and conveniently shows various aspects about your vehicle that can be very important for both driving and maintaining your vehicle.  For instance, the interface is where the emergency and warning indicator lights are located, so if there is something wrong with your engine, the ‘check engine’ light will appear there.

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One of the advantages in Honda vehicles is that there is a lot of information that can be included in the interface.  In fact, with higher trim levels, turn-by-turn directions can be featured in the DII.  You can also add a music feature to it so that you can see what is playing without getting distracted from the road.  This video will show you which controls to use to navigate the interface to create a personalized informational set-up for while you are driving—it shows a 2019 Honda Civic, though the interface works the same or very similar across the Honda lineup.


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