What Exactly is HondaLink?

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Tech on Saturday, January 5th, 2019 at 3:29 pm
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There are a lot of ways our lives are becoming more and more interconnected. It seems like it’s hard to navigate the world these days without running into at least 10 things that are Bluetooth connected before you get your morning coffee.

All this technology is supposed to make our lives easier or at least that’s what everyone keeps telling us. Some things make sense to bring together, though, like phones and cars. Being able to sync your phone with your car allows you to do a lot more than just make phone calls and play music, especially with apps like HondaLink®.

What is HondaLink®?

Bridging the gap between car and phone, HondaLink® provides drivers with a few different ways to better utilize their smartphones. At a basic level, the app lets you have your vehicle guides all in the palm of your hand without having to fight through your glove compartment and unruly physical books. It’s much more than just a library in your hands though, there are a lot of extra features.

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One of the worst feelings as a car owner is those moments when things go wrong, like a minor accident or your car not starting. With HondaLink® you can breathe a bit easier with 24-hour roadside assistance to help with jumpstarts, lockouts, and roadside service. The app also provides parking reminders or can help schedule service appointments. It can also provide you with recall information if it ever becomes necessary.

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Find Out More About HondaLink®

If you want to find out what cars are compatible with HondaLink® or how to utilize it with your car come on down to Atlantic Honda and talk with one of our salespeople. You can also call ahead with any questions and we‘d be happy to help however we can.

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